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Since being diagnosed I have wanted to create a community where anyone living through an autoimmune disorder, like Crohn's disease, or suffering through inflammation and other ailments, could come and feel comfortable in finding the dietary and lifestyle guidance they needed.

I felt lost and helpless for most of my life. Living with a compromised immune system that led to my Crohn's disease. Now that I have healed it into remission, I set out to help the community. So that you don't have to go through what I have, or continue to suffer through what you're dealing with. Not when you don't have to.

This is an unbiased platform, centered around helping those with autoimmune disorders, suffering through chronic inflammation or know that changes need to be made. Yes, you and me. 

These are the events that led to connecting the dots on what caused my issues and how I got to this point of creating MySimpleChanges.com. I hope you find my experiences, recommendations and resources helpful for healing your personal experiences. More importantly, I hope that you feel welcome in being a part of the MySimpleChanges.com community.

It all starts knowing you need to make a change. Then into wanting to make a change. Finally, into making the changes. Remember, it's not one thing, it's everything. One simple change at a time.



Brandon Godsey



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