My Methods

In order to understand what we’re doing, we need to understand what’s being done and what has been done.

The fact is, people living in advanced civilizations contain a third less bacteria in their bodies than generations ago, and a third less than present-day undeveloped nations. Why? Because we’re afraid of bacteria. We live too clean. We’re exposed to too much. We breathe industrialization. Over the course of the last several decades we’ve depleted the number of good bacteria in our bodies through food manufacturing, poor nutrition, antibiotics, preventatives, practices, and chemicals.

The evolution of man, and of food.

We’ve created environments and conditions that allow diseases and ailments to thrive and grow in our exposed bodies. Bodies are being filled with more bad bacteria than good, acidities are unbalanced, enzymes are depleted, and eventually the immune system attacks itself because of the chaos. And we get autoimmune disease. In America alone, over 50 million people have an autoimmune disorder. That’s roughly one in every six people in the United States of America suffering from an immune system that attacks itself, causes inflammation, and results in disease or ailments. And the numbers are increasing.

What I’ve done in the years since my “1 last treatment” is heal myself through food and lifestyle changes, both equally important and simply worked into my busy life. You can do the same. The hardest part? Understanding that it takes time. My story is for you. For proof that it can be done with patience and trust in yourself. The methods I’ve developed will help you build back the good bacteria, heal the inflammation, balance the gut and microbiome, and leave you with a new set of habits to properly defend yourself against a system built for our consumption—not our healthy consumption—and one that cares very little about…you. Sad, I know. It’s nobody’s fault. It’s just how we’ve evolved through free enterprise and regulation. But now we’re awake, and you can start making changes today.

This book tells my story but also gives you tips, insights, facts, and tools for living healthily in the modern world instead of continuing to struggle to survive. It provides a system built with your best interests in mind. Did you know that 80 percent of the immune system works through the gut? To heal from autoimmune disease, you need to heal your gut. The fact that you’re holding this book means you know you need to make changes to the way you’re living in order to heal, but where do you start? This book tells you where, and how. This book tells you how to heal and survive in today’s world, while still staying true to you.

My understanding didn’t come from a book or a university program. It came from decades of personal experience and struggle with a beaten, diseased, and operated-on body. It came from years of obsession with figuring it out to achieving positive results, connecting the knowledge absorbed over thirty years as both patient and practitioner, and finally putting My Simple Changes here. For you. So you can not only live as happily and healthily as possible now, but your future self can be smiling as well. So you can live more days, with the ones you love, doing the things you love.



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