Finding Your Specific Diet Combination

Diet Changes

Whole organic foods, from places and products we know and trust. Combined with a relaxing breath and a lifestyle that allows us the clarity for making the right choices throughout the day. That’s the focus of My Simple Changes, and that’s the focus that ultimately healed my autoimmune conditions. 

One of the most misunderstood aspects to healing Autoimmune disease is thinking that it’s solely about diet, and, at the same time, another misconception, that keeps one in an autoimmune state, is thinking that it has nothing to do with diet.

Our diets are a major factor to the healing, or regression, of our conditions. Getting to those diet choices is what is vital to its effectiveness. Navigating to these diet choices is comprised from the diligence of all parts of the process. A diet with the right choices but failure in quality of ingredients, the wrong mentality and focus, and vicious lifestyle choices, keeps the blanket of toxins on our autoimmune conditions. 

Using the My Simple Changes tools to narrow down and understand the unique combinations for your conditions, is a solution. Diets for the masses are not specifically built around you and, often times, create worse situations. Rebuilding a foundation that supports your always evolving necessities and gaining a grasp on the daunting task of what's allowed and what isn't, is your answer. Daunting stems from the fear of the unknown. Time and persistence turn daunting into routine. Place your faith in time, and let each day’s changes lead you there.  

With that said, here’s an overview of some of the diet principles for building your way to your needed balance. Remember, if you're dealing with a condition (for example: a candida overgrowth situation) it could take a week or months to control and heal from. That all depends on YOU and YOUR BODY. No two people are the same. Do not let the time it takes for your growth be discouraging because it doesn't line up with another's. Stick to the plan and, with time, you will find relief and comfort. 

(*Note: These principles are further discussed in the book, My Simple Changes

Types of common issues to adjust your diet for:  

  • Heavy Inflammation 
  • GERD 
  • Bacterial overgrowths 
  • Gastritis 
  • H. Pylori 

Routes for finding if you live with one of these specific conditions: 

  • Blood work Stool samples 
  • Breathing tests for gastric gasses 
  • Food allergy tests 

Once you have this information, along with bloodwork and other related tests, then it’s time to adjust your diet and learn through the changes of the other parts of the process. Remember, the mind will always be searching for doubt and a way out. Trust in time. Use the recipes in the Cookbook as your foundation and adjust the ingredients to what your results require.  

Adjustment examples: 

  • Eliminating specific carbohydrates (nearly all forms of bad bacteria feed off sugar and specific starches) 
  • A FODMAP diet to eliminate foods that are most active in the most troublesome parts of your gastrointestinal tract. Common scenarios are; gastritis and Crohn's disease.  
  • Fructose intolerance. Removing fructose dominant foods that inhibit the absorption of other vital minerals. 

There are also times where one ingredient. that once was tolerable, becomes an irritant. Or when an ingredient is ok to consume raw and not ripe, or vice versa. Knowledge is power. 


Green bananas They’re acceptable when avoiding sugar and wanting to add healthy resistant starches and prebiotic fiber (which we cannot digest easily but can be used as food for good gut bacteria). During these opportunities, when consuming an ingredient rich in prebiotic fiber, the right probiotic is beneficial. The downside to green bananas is this very same principle. Although good bacteria are fed, so are bad and green bananas should be avoided when healing from any bad bacteria overgrowth situations. 

*Note: Green bananas also contain short-chain fatty acids that improve nutrient absorption ·                 

Overripe bananas (black spots, or more):

  • Carry higher levels of the cancer-fighting substance, Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF). Which assists in preventing abnormal cells in our bodies from growing and developing into cancer. Overripe bananas are also easier to digest because as the banana ripens resistant starch turns to sugar. 
  • The darker the banana the more chlorophyll that is broken down. Which turns this form of a banana into an antioxidant rich superhero.  

As you can see with the banana example, the healthiest of foods can still be a damaging ingredient if not consumed at proper times for your current condition’s necessities. This is where the blueprints of the Cookbook are beneficial. These concepts may seem easy to understand, but the course of putting them all into action is, oftentimes, what separates intention and results. Not because the action is too difficult, but because the change of said actions seem too daunting. Making our mental discipline and focus just as important as our diet requirements. 

The same goes for the antinutrients found in seeds, legumes, and nuts, just to name a few. Although these foods are packed with the most essential vitamins and nutrients for a healthy survival, they also contain substances (antinutrients) for the ingredient’s own survival in its quest for its one goal: germination. Therefore, if these foods are not treated properly, these situations disrupt the process of nutrient absorption and regress immune system function.  

Putting these pieces together isn’t easy. Not only do we need to fully understand the lifecycle of a whole ingredient (like a banana) from seed to our consumption, we need to be able to fully understand the ingredients that make up the products we consistently buy. Every ingredient has a logistical process that forms the product. One product of many that combine to make our meal. This is what I believe to be the most important part of the process to grasp. Because this knowledge funnels into all parts of the process, and the Mentality Changes help retain the needed clarity for; reading labels, researching ingredients, asking the right questions and navigating trial and error. This knowledge creates the understanding for taking intention (that seems too daunting to execute) and turning it into confident action. 

The most troublesome part of the product navigation world? The pretenders. The products that flood consumer sentiment with phrases and deceit, and are composed of the low-quality toxins that blanket our immune system. 

  • Buzz words 
  • Trendy foods (coconut, kale. Phases) 
  • Health fads 

It shouldn’t be our job to have to know every part of the process that makes up our meal. But, unfortunately, with all of the toxins that have poured into our world, it is. Your toxic load is a key factor to the development of autoimmune conditions. Product Changes and the right food choices are the solutions to reducing this weight. 

That said, a perfect diet and a detrimental lifestyle of stress and weighing daily routines, will keep the body in a heightened state of unknown and known confusion. With autoimmune disease, this confusion results in the immune system response that eventually attacks your own tissue. Cortisol and other stress toxins are released and worsen the condition. Creating discouraging situations like depression and fatigue. This is how our Lifestyle Changes affect our diet choices. 

  • Job 
  • Home life 
  • Relationships 
  • Resolving the Unresolved (My Simple Changes, Chapter 10 Part II.1)
  • Finances 

These are just a few scenarios that keep our breath and chi either balanced, or in a spiral, throughout a day of choices. 

In conclusion, is a diet the most important thing to healing an autoimmune condition? No. The understanding that makes up a day of educated decisions for your specific diet requirements, is where it’s at. One part of the process helps, every part of the process heals. The choice is ours. 

Brandon Godsey
Brandon Godsey is an artist, author, and health enthusiast, held together by Midwestern roots and a deep passion for cooking. His personal health background, decades in the food industry, and unique artistic skill set put him on the road to founding My Simple Changes. Where he provides the tools he used to heal from his autoimmune condition while continuing his creative exploration in storytelling. 

Brandon Godsey is an artist, author, and health enthusiast, held together by Midwestern roots and a deep passion for cooking. His personal health background, decades of work in the food industry, and unique artistic skill set put him on the road to founding My Simple Changes. Where he provides the tools he used to heal from his autoimmune condition while continuing his creative exploration in storytelling.