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Over half of Americans live with a digestive disorder or auto-immune disease. Finally, the simple solution is revealed by someone who put his “impossible” autoimmune disease into remission. Our modern world is set up with systems and processes that lead us to a weakened immune system and depleted microbiome, which in turn can cause disease. Chemically engineered substances, environmental toxins, low-quality ingredients, overused medicines, and overconsumption of unhealthy food combinations result in chronic conditions associated with inflammation, autoimmunity or poor gut health. After having suffered nearly thirty years of illnesses, undergoing extensive surgery, and nearly dying from complications of his autoimmune disorder, Crohn’s disease, Brandon Godsey set off to find his own solutions. His self-taught approach evolved from his decades of personal...

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  In this segment, I demonstrate with that makeshift stick figure what those toxic chemicals are doing to your digestive lining from the time you consume them until the time they flush out. Yummy. The easiest times of the year are the Holidays. Where we let go of our routine, check out from the world, turn off that work phone and let whatever's around us be our existence. I get it. We just want to chill and enjoy that summer sun with the ones who we value the most.    The problem is, our bodies don't get holidays and what we consume, we still have to process and filter. Ultimately, your decisions during these times dictate whether you continue moving...

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Allergic Reactions

The process of healing anything is a constant adjustment. What you consume today will have a different reaction than what you consumed yesterday. 

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