In this segment, I demonstrate with that makeshift stick figure what those toxic chemicals are doing to your digestive lining from the time you consume them until the time they flush out. Yummy.
The easiest times of the year are the Holidays. Where we let go of our routine, check out from the world, turn off that work phone and let whatever's around us be our existence. I get it. We just want to chill and enjoy that summer sun with the ones who we value the most. 
The problem is, our bodies don't get holidays and what we consume, we still have to process and filter. Ultimately, your decisions during these times dictate whether you continue moving forward with progress or reset the clock back as far as your consumption will take you. 
Here's how I survive:
Plan your dishes around your wishes (feel free to use that at the BBQ)
Bring a dish that represents the changes and covers a wide range of your basis. A salad with protein, a variety of leafy greens, a variety of vegetables, an easy to digest fiber and a homemade dressing like ginger, olive oil, lemon and garlic. Something you can share with the table and still have that second helping before it's gone. For dessert, low sugar fruit and avoid the gluten laced, processed sugar, eye ball popping presentation, American flag frosting cake or sweets! 
Make it easy on yourself to stay in the progress of good health! Your July 5th will thank you.
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Brandon Godsey is an artist, author, and health enthusiast, held together by Midwestern roots and a deep passion for cooking. His personal health background, decades of work in the food industry, and unique artistic skill set put him on the road to founding My Simple Changes. Where he provides the tools he used to heal from his autoimmune condition while continuing his creative exploration in storytelling.