Navigating An Ever Expanding Product World



Toxin, toxins, toxins, toxins, toxins...

"How do I rid my life of toxins?!?!"

Scientific Progression

In order to get to the bottom of our "toxic load" we need to first understand that science is going to eventually solve this epidemic. We will grow as human beings. Great things will be invented, and understood, to push humanity to the next part of our evolution. When will this happen? That's the unknown.

Product Progression

Products, on the other hand, will not ever be free of harmful practices and ingredients. They will continue to evolve at a snail’s pace. They will continue to be loosely regulated until proven guilty. Toxins will continue to fill our everyday space, movement, and breath. No matter how much we counterbalance it with medicine, they’ll continue to weigh on our health.

My Simple Changes is proof that you do not have to be a part of that experiment. You can still navigate your way through a non-invasive approach while being an astute observer to the advancement of medicine and medical practices.

Understanding Our "Toxic Load"

You probably already hear this on a daily basis. It's become a trendy "buzz phrase" that rarely offers true insight to it's meaning and depths of significance.

  • Product ingredients
  • Pollution
  • Whole ingredients growing practices
  • Furniture
  • Water quality

These are just a few of the daily examples.

Every product we knowingly, or unknowingly, surround our lives with contributes to what is known as our "toxic load.” Peeling back the layers of toxins, one product at a time, lifts the weight from our system and replaces these situations with the right products for your specific conditions. Joining the other parts of the process as progress to a solution. This is what a large portion of the Coaching Sessions help you further identify and understand as we one-by-one remove the harmful products from your life.

You could be living the diet changes to perfection in respect to your conditions, but without lifting the toxic weight from your products you only have partial progress on a road to eventual regression and relapse. Fully understanding this concept is so vital, crucial, important, and necessary. Choosing the right products that are assembled through a logistical process that is not only considerate of the health effects after your consumption, but one that transitions the environment back into a place where we can breathe again, is my approach. The world doesn't need an individual hero to save it, as we all so hope for. The worlds hero is in the individual and their knowledge to recover from, repair  and eradicate this monster we’ve created. 

The Logistical Process

Understanding the logistical process is essential. (I guess that college degree came in handy after all, huh dad?) 

Say you make dinner. Let's go with our My Simple Changes Cookbook recipe, Sunrise Stir-Fry. This meal contains 14 ingredients, 2 spices and the materials for cooking and consuming the meal. That’s a little more than 20 individual products to take into account their logistical life from seed to your consumption. Also, keep in mind, this is a recipe shaped around minimal exposure to toxic elements. Imagine that same logistical process for the meals you're currently consuming throughout your day.

In Conclusion

Products are a major factor to what makes up our toxic load, and it’s our job (nobody else’s) to navigate our specific solutions. This work requires a lot patience. That does not mean it’s impossible. If it were impossible, you wouldn't be reading this. Time and commitment create possible. 

With that said, here are some of the product suggestions that fit into the My Simple Changes foundation.


Brandon Godsey is an artist, author, and health enthusiast, held together by Midwestern roots and a deep passion for cooking. His personal health background, decades of work in the food industry, and unique artistic skill set put him on the road to founding My Simple Changes. Where he provides the tools he used to heal from his autoimmune condition while continuing his creative exploration in storytelling.