Plant Therapy

Chamomile German Organic Essential Oil (2.5ml)

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Chamomile organic essential oil is a deep blue color from it's steam distillation process. Chamomile German CO2 extract has a more true scent to the flower and is known for it's stress and anxiety calming properties when used for aromatherapy. Other benefits of his powerful essential oil are; improved focus and for dry skin.

Depression and anxiety are not to be taken lightly. Here at My Simple Changes we put high priority on this aspect of healing. It's one that has touched Brandon for decades and is why we offer resources for therapists, products for clarity and a book that lays out the foundation to a healthy mind. Autoimmune disease, leaky gut, Crohn's, inflammation and everything in-between, deprives the mind of vital nutrients to efficiently function. Making the stress Changes a top priority for healing our conditions.