"Exercise at that time was never more than a mile walk at a time. What was once a conditioned athlete running several miles each day turned into a winded, wheezing indolence that could only manage twelve-ounce curls of the cheapest beer possible. Days like today, where two feet dragged the weight of a lifeless torso, were routine." (pg. 47)

That was life before understanding the importance of movement, breath and the benefit of exercise with healing the gut. Below are a couple of the resources The Book lays out. Remember, at least 30 minutes a day. Everyday.



Two of the best places to get away? The beach and the trees. Whether you hike, bike, run, walk, or picnic like Brandon's parents (The Book, pg 13), move away from the noise and breathe into the silence. For assisting with cutting off the supply of that cortisol drip and for the movement that's flushing out the built up toxins.

Here's a free hiking trails guide to get you started. 


Literally, its a service. Giving you all of the best hikes around your location with distance, difficulty, average time to complete and fellow hiker feedback. Get out. See. Do. Grow forward.


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