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My Simple Changes Cookbook

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Your guide to calming your immune system and healing your autoimmune condition — recipes and strategies tailored for your specific course of action.

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease or are looking to lift the toxic weight from your daily life, a well-balanced guide ready for your specific needs can be invaluable for reaching your goals. Unlike most diets, the My Simple Changes Cookbook can help you relieve symptoms and flare-ups while enjoying a mouthwatering routine of flavorful, nutrient-rich ingredients and strategies for achieving success in a world set up for our failure.

With over 120 simple, inexpensive recipes from a Sprouted Black Bean Burger to Spaghetti, this rounded cookbook is a perfect complement to the bestselling success of author Brandon Godsey’s, My Simple Changes. After achieving remission from a 30-year battle with an autoimmune condition, Crohn’s disease, Brandon used his years of notes, recipe formulations and inspirational guidance to construct these blueprints for you to start feeling better with every day. From meal planning to shopping lists for stocking a healthy kitchen and more, Brandon’s tailored approach takes the usual daunting task of understanding our specific conditions down to a per ingredient science.

This unique approach to building a new foundation for living away from your debilitating conditions features:

Over 120 healing recipes — Discover delicious ways to manage your toxic load and improve your autoimmune disease. Including tips, inspiration, specific foods lists, and a guide for simple execution.

Customized plans — Although these are suggestions based on Brandon’s success, the book is designed for your own personalization based on your specific set of circumstances (that Brandon helps you uncover in My Simple Changes).

The latest science — Explore the most up-to-date information concerning the gut and building a healthy bacterium to fight off invading viruses, infections, inflammation, toxins and damaging bacteria that hold us down and grow with our autoimmune circumstances.

This all-in-one cookbook helps you go above and beyond the notions of healing recipes and assists you in building a new foundation around your perfect healing lifestyle.