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Clove Organic Essential Oil (10 ml)

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With any gut imbalance comes some severity of nausea. For Brandon, nausea was an every day battle for decades. Leaky gut, Crohn's disease, Celiac and any condition that involves an overgrowth of unhealthy bacteria, fungi and yeast, brings the side effect of debilitating nausea.

A Change that assists with healing this symptom of autoimmune disease is clove essential oil. In aromatherapy, rubs and steams can help minimize the effects of respiratory inflammation, stress, and nausea. The antibacterial properties of the oil alleviates mouth inflammation, toothaches and is known to boost the immune system. 

The Change is the oil, the method is the book and the solution is one Change at a time, over the course of time and understanding some Changes benefit multiple aspects of this new foundation. Clove is also a great oil for cleaning solutions and when blended with sweet orange and cinnamon it brings holiday, or special occasion, memories that connect happiness from our endorphin releasing sense memories.