My Simple Changes (Eco-Friendly Softcover) - My Simple Changes
My Simple Changes (Eco-Friendly Softcover) - My Simple Changes

My Simple Changes (Eco-Friendly Softcover)

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A less toxic, eco-friendly book? Wait, books are toxic?


The same toxins that the My Simple Changes book helps you eliminate from your life, to lessen the pressure on your immune system, plagues normal books.

My Simple Changes is a brand centered around offering products and resources with your health's best interest in mind. These principles are how Brandon healed his own autoimmune disease and are the same values he and the brand stand by. Not deceit or saving a few bucks to line our pockets.

This limited supply edition of the My Simple Changes book not only keeps your best interest in perspective, but the environments as well. The methods used to produce this book limit our exposure to chlorine, lead, VOC's and other toxins commonly used to print, bind and seal books. The materials are recycled and the practices used while printing are less harsh on the world.

The trade off is, it's a few dollars more. We apologize for that inconvenience, and to help offset the cost we've thrown in an instant download of the eBook for free. So, you can start reading about the changes today and when your eco-friendly edition arrives on, or before, April 1st you can breathe easier (pun intended) while growing into the Simple Changes.


CHAPTER 1: One Last Treatment

September 4, 2014

152 pounds. 120 minutes. 2 months. 1 last treatment... 



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