Organic Probiotics Capsules

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Maybe a probiotic powder isn't your thing? You're looking for a more cost friendly probiotic that comes in capsule form, is designed for people with highly sensitive digestive systems and does not contain strains or additives that cause histamine, acidosis or other adverse reactions to our systems. GutoPro by Organic 3 is that probiotic.

Whether you're suffering through inflammation, a leaky gut or autoimmune disease, you could benefit from a good probiotic. Probiotics are essential to building back the system, while the other Changes reduce the toxic load and heal the damages. That's why it's important to not just consume any product advertising "probiotics". But yet, choosing ones that have your nutrition in mind and contain only what's needed for healing. That means no added prebiotics, binders, low quality capsules and so on. The book lays out the course of action and GutPro by Organic 3 is the probiotic we would recommend when you make the Change.